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Pre Bonsai Trees

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For those who are interested in working a lot more with a bonsai tree and doing some of the training themselves, we offer a range of pre bonsai trees which are only partially trained. These trees are ready for you to work your own artistic genius to transform them into completed bonsai trees. They come unpotted and ready for you to transfer to your own bonsai training pot. Our pre bonsai trees have a range of sizes from small, medium to large. For those who are interested in working with their own ficus bonsai, baby jade, or juniper bonsai, our great selection of unfinished indoor or outdoor bonsai trees is perfect for helping you get started. Check out our selection of pre bonsai trees to find bonsais that you can finish yourself. If you don’t have training pots for these pre bonsai yet, we offer a series of high quality mica training pots for you in the Mica Pots category. Make sure to check them out as well. If you are short of small handy bonsai tools such as soil scoop or sieve, browse our More Accessories section to find out which ones are good for you.

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