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About Us

While looking at some different possibilities for an online store, I became inspired to build something all around bonsai trees. These trees appealed to me right away because of the variety of trees that were available and the beauty of these living artworks. I wanted to build a site that would provide customers with some of the best bonsai trees that they could keep around their own homes to enhance the spaces in their homes and add a peaceful atmosphere.

Many people have a false concept that bonsai trees are mysterious and difficult to care for.  In fact, anyone can grow bonsai trees and enjoy them just like regular plants.  Whoever has the basic gardening or plant knowledge can practice bonsai.  However, keeping the health and growth of these little trees requires your passion and commitment for providing natural light and regular watering. For all levels of enthusiasts, you will be rewarded with lots of joy and happiness. You can fully utilize your creativity for bonsai practice.  They're pieces of your art works created from home.

Caring for bonsai trees can be something that is very therapeutic and even fun. With the bonsai products that I have hand selected to offer on my website, anyone can find a tree that they will be able to enjoy. It was important to me to provide a wide range of trees offered within different price ranges and for those with different levels of experience.  At the mean time, I am delightful to be able to deliver services to our customers by helping them care for these little trees with an extensive selections of quality bonsai tools and accessories.  These tools are chosen for both beginners and professionals.

I strive to provide the best experience for customers coming to my website by keeping prices low.  Carefulness and works are put into each of these trees prior to being shipped to you.  We pay attention to every single detail.  Each of the trees is packaged with the newest techniques and shipped out fast with the latest shipping methods to ensure these bonsais reach their destinations looking as great as they were when they left.  The utilization of these packing and shipping procedures also makes the bonsai tree more impressive as a gift. 

On the top of doing business with bonsai trees, I always consider bonsai is an art form.  As a member of our local bonsai club, I enjoy showcasing these beautiful little trees on my website and sharing with people even just for appreciation.  Our "One of a Kind Specimens" bonsai trees feature unique style of every single tree.  This is a great category to look into for appreciation of the aesthetics of bonsai arts.

Bonsai experience is personal and everyone is different. We love to share and welcome comments.  Please visit our blog: http://www.cozyfurnishreview.com

In addition to bonsai trees, my website also offers meditation related products such as zen garden, desktop shoji screen and table top water fountain etc in the "More Accessories" category.  You will feel zen as soon as you see them.  It's my pleasure to help customers make their homes cozy and relaxing. 

 For you bonsai appreciation, please watch the video of the Santa Cruz Bonsai show 2017

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