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Outdoor Evergreen Bonsai Trees

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Decorate your patio or deck with some gorgeous outdoor evergreen bonsai trees. The trees in this section of our website are evergreens that must be kept outdoors to enable their dormant period during the winter time. Some people like the evergreens because they provide a pleasant outdoor living environment all year round. They are very hardy and long lived and most of them are very easy to care for. Our species of evergreen bonsai include those common ones such as juniper, Japanese pine, spruce, holly, and cedar. In addition, we offer some outdoor evergreens that are flowering and produce fruits. They are usually considered more difficult to take care and require higher maintenance. These outdoor trees are great for both beginners and advanced bonsai hobbyists. Choose from options like a pinus bonsai tree or an attractive Colorado blue spruce bonsai tree. Appreciate the beauty of nature by displaying these miniature trees in your porch or yard/garden. Check out our charming trees today.

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