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Mica Pots

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Excellent training pots are important if you are intending to train your own bonsai and to care for it during this important stage of its development. While many training pots are good for this purpose, some of the best are mica clay plant pots. Since mica has the ability to help stabilize the temperature of the soil, these pots can contribute to healthy root growth and protection from cold weather. We offer a wide selection of mica clay pots that are built to last since they are unbreakable.  The measurements are outside/inside dimensions in inches listed as length by width by height/depth. In addition, all of them have drainage holes. While these training pots may not be as beautiful as display pots, they are invaluable when working on training young bonsai trees and helping them to thrive and grow. Choose from all of the high quality mica pots that we have to offer.

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