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Large Bonsai Pots Over 15"

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These large bonsai pots are suitable for larger size of bonsai trees and bonsai forest planted in group.  The rock planting slab is especially designed for bonsai. They are made by a top artificial rock manufacturer. Our rock slabs are made of a commercial grade GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) mixture and features two built in drainage holes with a raised lip around the planting area and of course, all the look and feel of a real rock. 

The mica pots can be used as training pots as well as display pots for large bonsai trees as they are unbreakable and much more durable than ceramic pots. Mica pots have the appearance of high quality unglazed ceramic pots but they are much less expensive. In this category, we specially offer a brown mica pot for the forest bonsai tree. Other mica pots are in oval, round or rectangular shape.  These pots are measured from left to right with outside dimension ranging from 15" to 20". 

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