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Flowering & Fruiting Trees

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For those who love trees that flower and produce fruits, our huge selection of flowering and fruiting bonsai trees are here for you. These trees are beautiful flowering and fruiting trees that you love, but in miniature size. The majority of our trees in this category are tropical or sub-tropical trees and are perfect for the indoors. However, some of them have more tolerance with lower temperature and are ideal for the outdoors. When you review the description of these trees, you will be able to find out how they are classified. In the meantime, in order to make it easier for you to find the exact classification of the bonsai tree you are looking for, we also organize these trees and create three extra categories for you. They are Recommended Indoor Bonsai Trees, Outdoor Evergreen, and Outdoor Deciduous Bonsai Trees. Please feel free to browse them to if you need to. Suitable bonsai soils for these trees can be found in our Bonsai Soils category for proper care if you need them.  

Compared with other kinds of bonsai trees, the flowering and fruiting trees request more lighting in general in order to produce flowers and fruits. Therefore, these trees are considered in need of higher maintenance.  However, once they receive appropriate care, the flowers can bloom repeatedly forever and they last longer than the cut bouquets. With their fabulous blooms and hanging fruits, these trees are sure to add cheer to your decor and impress anyone who visits your home. We offer a wide selection of fruiting and flowering Japanese bonsai trees including varieties like a dwarf pomegranate bonsai tree and some blood orange bonsai trees. We also offer some Barbados cherry bonsai trees and some flowering fuchsia bonsai trees. Take a look around and find the one that is right for you.

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