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Complete Bonsai Starter Kit

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To get started in the hobby of bonsai care in a good way, consider one of our complete bonsai starter kits. These starter kits include everything that you will need to take care of and maintain your own bonsai trees. They come with everything from the bonsai tree itself to the tools that you need to care for them.  Our complete bonsai starter kit includes a glazed ceramic container, humidity/drip tray, training wire, texture rocks, decorative pebbles, training shears, slow release fertilizer pellets, and a book about bonsais’ care. The bonsai trees chosen in these kits are the easiest to care for and already entirely trimmed and potted. They are great gifts for bonsai beginners. You can do more training on the tree yourself but not necessary. With a complete bonsai tree starter kit, you won’t have to worry about purchasing any additional items as you start your bonsai leisure pursuit. We make it as convenient as possible for you. Take a look at the kits that we offer on our website today.

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