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Chinese Pottery - Unglazed Rectangular Pots

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If you are looking for a more mannish, angular, matt finish unglazed pot to fit your bonsai in, our unglazed rectangular pots are great options. Many of the unglazed rectangular pots give people an impression of simple but strong, down to earth style which is a contrast to some of the elegant, exquisite glazed bonsai pots. The color of these unglazed pots is usually brown, gray, or earth tones which are safe picks for you if you don’t want the pot color to stand out too much when you plant your bonsai. In the meantime, these tones still provide warmth and firmness to the tree. They are great compliments for solid evergreen foliage especially since they are shaped with clean lines around the edges. In this category, we have different sizes and shapes of unglazed pots for you to choose from. We also offer a heavy duty plastic bonsai pot that is a training pot with indented corners. The pots here are measured from outside dimensions in inches as length by width by height/depth. And they all have drainage holes at the bottom.  Take a look at the unglazed rectangular pots we have to offer.

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