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Bonsai Display Tables & Table Top Water Fountain

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Looking for an elegant way to display your new bonsai tree? Our bonsai display tables are just what you need to complete the esthetics of you bonsai tree. Each stand that we offer here on our website is hand carved by Chinese artisans. These stands are completed with a stain which is a rich polish that protects the wood and enable its finish to last for a long time. The texture of the hardwood construction of these handcrafted display tables will definitely show characters of your home décor. With our bonsai table options, you’ll be able to draw lots of attention to your bonsai tree.  Adding a bonsai plant stand underneath your bonsai tree will make the tree look much more formal and it’s an essential element of the bonsai’s gracefulness and delicacy. You can choose from these display tables in several sizes and styles for different weights and sizes of bonsai trees. The display tables are available for either indoor or outdoor bonsais. If you practice “Tokonoma’ arrangement” at home, these stands can also be used for it as well. Take a look today!

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